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Share videos on BUDDY

We are moving forward with BUDDY! Shake your booty and make a movie. Because now you can – save videos privately in your library – send your video in a private chat message – display your videos publicly in your … Read More

Why did we start BUDDY?

PrEP has been around for almost a decade. Various pharmaceutical studies have shown that PrEP can prevent HIV infections. Long before PrEP, treatment of HIV-positive men has already been so effective that the virus could no longer be transmitted. This … Read More

What is TasP?

TasP means Treatment as Prevention. When HIV-positive men take medication, it suppresses HIV so that the virus cannot be transmitted to others.

Undetectable equals untransmittable: U=U

You may have read the abbreviation “U=U” before. So what does it mean and what is it about? We live in a time where buddies living with HIV have the same quality of life as buddies who don’t have the … Read More

HIV is a virus. Stigma is the deadly disease.

Josh Robbins, @imstilljosh