We want to end stigma!

BUDDY is the first network for gay men who choose PrEP or TasP as their safe sex regimen. At BUDDY, your status does not matter!

Our Mission

BUDDY is the first dating app for gay men who choose PrEP or TasP as their safe sex regimen. Our goal is to create an environment where gay men feel welcome, understood and at ease - regardless of their status. PrEP and TasP have both proven to be safe, effective, and reliable methods for preventing HIV transmission. They allow everyone to take control, and to prevent the sored of the virus, regardless of their HIV status. Thanks to these medical breakthroughs, an HIV infection no longer has to be a big deal. The biggest problem that remains is the stigma that goes along with the status. HIV still causes a lot of fear among people. Our mission with BUDDY is to reduce HIV stigma. We want people to feel more relaxed and comfortable with the subject. This works best when men meet eye to eye without prejudice. When on PrEP or TasP, HIV status doesn’t matter anymore.

Education and Prevention

Inform yourself about the latest development in PrEP and HIV treatment.

Dedicated PrEP Chat channel

Ask your questions directly in a dedicated channel.

We care

We have come very far as a gay community. Let's fight the battle against HIV stigma together.

"HIV is a virus. Stigma is the deadly disease"
Josh Robbins
LGBT Activist